2 CORINTHIANS – 4 : 15


“Giving God praise. I visited your church service Good Friday of 2016. Pastor Isaiah prayed with me. I prayed on his prayer line before, however, it was the first time he was meeting me in person.

He prayed with me, and mentioned things that was happening in my life and my family, as a whole. I remember him saying that a spirit of confusion was upon my mother, and he prayed for her deliverance. Pastor did not know any details of my mother’s situation, but it was revealed to him in the spirit. My mother became romantically involved with a bisexual man, who is about my age.

She took him and his two daughters into her home. From that point, confusion came in our family. We couldn’t visit her, the man took total control of her, her home, her finances. He brought another woman to sleep in her bed whenever she came to the USA on extended vacations.

Well, to God be the glory. That demonic power has been broken. That demonic relationship is OVER. He and his children are gone. Glory to God. Thank you Lord, for your Prophet Isaiah. Heavenly Father, continue to pour your anointing upon your prophet. Amen.”

My testimony is the goodness of God in my family that the Lord God almighty is really using prophet Isaiah because his prophecy on the 12/18/2013 about money came to reality in my household.

My husband is a contractor and has not been paid for all the work that he has done. Due to that reason, we had financial struggles really bad at home…….two of our bank account was closed, no money to buy Christmas gift for our children and my kids has been asking when will their gift be put under the tree but to God be the glory after prophet’s word that I claimed and believed in, the following morning at about 7am we got a phone call that a 1/4 of that money was paid ……..I give God all the glory for his word and miracle in my household……….thank you Jesus!

Pastor was having service in Norfolk VA, my son walked in the door, Pastor told him to come here and he laid hands on him. He wet down under the anointing. My son received a diagnosis of sickle Cell disease. When he went back to the doctor they realized that they misdiagnosed him. They couldn’t find the Sickle Cell in his body. God healed my son. Praise the Lord.

Sir, I want to thank the Almighty God for what he is using you to do in our lives. I pray for God almighty to strengthen you more and may God bless you and your family richly in Jesus name, amen.

Sir, since I joined the prayer line, I have really seen the hand of God in my life and too many testimonies. Sir I have a testimony to share & it goes like this…

About two weeks ago you said there´s someone pregnant & that person don´t even know it and that that child will bring blessing, and you said it again this morning. Sir, to the Glory of God I discovered today that I am pregnant and I can feel it that this child will bring a lot of blessing and breakthrough. Sir I want to say a very big thank you to you & your wonderful family and may God bless you abundantly and grant you and your family your heart desires in Jesus name, amen. Have a nice evening & stay blessed sir.” -Vivian (December 2012)

I want to thank you prophet, for allowing God to use you. Ever since the revival, my God has been pouring in my spirit tremendously, my life is forever changed, to the rising up in the morning there’s a continuous praise, there’s a burning fire that continues to burn that longs for Jesus. I can’t explain it, every part of me wanting Jesus. This is my greatest testimony yet. I pray the Blessings of God over takes you, and His Blessings come and find you in Jesus name.

Thank you Prophet for your prayers of debt cancellations. I just received news that $61,573 have been cleared off my credit. I sowed a seed believing God and look what God did. God bless you!

And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving
and the voice of them that
make merry:
and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few;
I will also glorify them,
and they shall not be small.

2 CORINTHIANS – 4 : 15