Pastor Tosin Dotun- Olujinmi


Pastor Tosin Dotun- Olujinmi

Dr. Tosin Dotun-Olujinmi, a wife, mother, visionaire and a public health specialist. Married to her friend of about 40 years, co-founded PTIM and the vision to go from nation to nation giving birth to Fire Nations Ministries.

A woman that strives for balance prioritizing ministry-family-career. Taking up assignments like Caleb to defeat gaints and a Daniel to show forth God’s wisdom to the ungodly. Recently chanelling efforts through ” Reading the Scriptures,” & ‘Lets Talk Courage’ to encourage others especially woman that they can reach their fullest potential. ‘Mothers of Nations’ is another ministry for pregnant woman & those that are believing God for the fruits of the womb. Likewise, ‘Joshua Generation’ is a children’s ministry to nuture the next generation.

Dr. Tosin also frequently share on relationships and marriage with her husband.

These many hearts are worn by the help of the Holy Spirit while also fulfilling the assignment of 3 John 1:2 by taking a central role in building health capacity in nations, and a presenter at many professional conferences.

Dr. Tosin is the wife of Prophet Isaiah and mother to three children beautiful chidren: Isaac, Izabelle & Israel, and she’s fulfilling God’s purpose and assignment wholeheartedly with a different spirit!

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